What are the things to be careful about after Gastric Band Surgery?

Gastric Band Surgery
April 10, 2023 0 Comments

There are some important points that patients should pay attention to after gastric band surgery. These points are:

  • Diet: Diet is quite important in the post-operative period. Patients should pay attention to their diets after the surgery, especially consuming liquids and pureed foods. They should follow the doctor’s instructions to transition to solid foods.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise is very important for patients in the post-operative period of gastric band surgery. By doing the recommended exercises by the doctor, they can accelerate the weight loss process and make their bodies healthier.
  • Medication: Patients should regularly use the medications recommended by their doctor after gastric band surgery. These medications can help prevent possible problems that may occur in the post-operative period.
  • Check-ups: Patients should regularly visit their doctor for check-ups in the post-operative period. Getting checked at the recommended intervals by the doctor can help early detection of possible problems.

What should be taken into consideration during the first weeks after gastric band surgery?

There are some important points to be careful about in the first few weeks after gastric band surgery:

Change your eating habits: After the surgery, the amount of food that can be taken into the stomach will significantly decrease. Therefore, you should learn to eat small and frequent meals. Additionally, you should avoid heavy, fatty, and sugary foods in the postoperative period.

Start eating slowly: You may need to consume only liquid foods for the first few days after the surgery. Later on, you can gradually switch to solid foods. However, you should start each meal with a few bites and eat slowly.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations: During the postoperative period, you must strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations. You may need to avoid exercising for a certain period or follow a specific diet.

Take your medications regularly: Your doctor will prescribe medications that you need to take after the surgery. It is crucial to take these medications regularly and not exceed the recommended dosage.

Monitor your symptoms: Symptoms such as vomiting, stomach pain, or diarrhea may occur in the postoperative period. You should monitor these symptoms and consult your doctor if necessary.

How Should Slow Eating be Done After Gastric Band Surgery?

Slowly eating after gastric band surgery is very important. There are some points to pay attention to during this process. These are:

Eat slowly: Consume your meals in small bites, chewing slowly. Do not drink water during your meal. This will slow down your stomach emptying time and keep you feeling full for a longer period of time.

Be careful with liquid consumption: Do not consume liquids 30 minutes before and after meals. This will help your stomach fill up and keep you feeling full for longer. Also, drinking water before meals can decrease your appetite.

Prioritize protein: Protein intake is very important after gastric band surgery. Protein increases your feeling of fullness and prevents muscle loss. Therefore, prioritize protein sources in your meals.

Eat small and frequent meals: Eat your meals in small portions and frequently. This way, your feeling of fullness will continue throughout the day.

Stick to your nutrition plan: It is very important to stick to your nutrition plan after gastric band surgery. This way, your weight loss process will be healthier and more effective.

What Foods Should Be Avoided After Gastric Band Surgery?

After gastric band surgery, it is recommended to avoid slow-digesting and heavy foods. It is also important to avoid consuming the following foods:

  • Fatty foods: Consumption of fatty foods such as fatty meats, fried foods, and fast food products should be reduced.
  • Sugary foods: Consumption of sugary foods such as cakes, pastries, candies, chocolates, and desserts should be limited.
  • Processed foods: Ready meals, frozen foods, processed meat products, chips, and crackers should be avoided.
  • Carbonated drinks: Consumption of cola, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, and sparkling water should be reduced.
  • Alcohol: Consumption of alcoholic beverages can cause serious problems after gastric band surgery. It is important to avoid consuming alcohol.

Why is it important to exercise after gastric band surgery?

Exercising after gastric band surgery helps your body recover and contributes to a successful outcome. Additionally, exercise accelerates weight loss, boosts metabolism, increases blood circulation, preserves muscle mass, and improves overall health. Light exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming, or yoga are recommended during the post-gastric band surgery period. However, you should plan your exercise program with your doctor and start slowly during the postoperative period.